Salaam Bombay!

And you? Bitch!
What's going on here?
They set fire to the house.
Bouncer caught them.
This bastard brought her matches.

We paid a fortune for your virginity...
and you burn the house down?
You set the fire?
- She said what?
- She says she wants to die.

So die, you bitch!
Want a police case?
I'll cut you up into little pieces.
- Baba's here now.
- She's got some nerve.

If I catch you here again...
I'll wring your neck. Get out!
Want something to drink?
Some tea? Some water?

Don't worry.
Baba's here. It'll be all right.
Nobody will dare say a word.
Your tantrums won't work in 109.
Looking for more trouble? Calmly, now.
Want a job? Tame her for me.
Baba doesn't do that work anymore.
Think it over.