Salaam Bombay!

So die, you bitch!
Want a police case?
I'll cut you up into little pieces.
- Baba's here now.
- She's got some nerve.

If I catch you here again...
I'll wring your neck. Get out!
Want something to drink?
Some tea? Some water?

Don't worry.
Baba's here. It'll be all right.
Nobody will dare say a word.
Your tantrums won't work in 109.
Looking for more trouble? Calmly, now.
Want a job? Tame her for me.
Baba doesn't do that work anymore.
Think it over.
She's worth 10,000.
Once she's deflowered, 1,000 for you. Well?
"Respected Mother, greetings.
"I'm well. Hope you are, too.
"I didn't run away.
"I went back to the circus,
but they had all left.

"I work in Chacha's tea shop.
I think of home."

Go on.
"I want to come home.
"As soon as I have the 500, I'll be back.