Christmas Vacation

And this here is our pride and joy.
Pretty name.
We named him that
'cause he's got this sinus condition.

Snots, you roll over
and let Uncle Clark scratch your belly.

You never seen a set on a dog
like this one's got, Clark.

That's okay, Eddie.
That's somethin', ain't it?
You pet him on the belly...

...and he'll love you till the day you die.
I really shouldn't.
My hands are all chapped.

We were going to call,
but Eddie wanted to make it a surprise.

You surprised?
Surprised, Eddie?
If I woke up tomorrow
with my head sewn to the carpet...

...I wouldn't be more surprised
than I am right now.

We have plenty of room.
Plenty of towels. Plenty of everything.
We're pretty well set up here in the RV.
It's a little tight but...

...we didn't come to impose.
There's plenty of room.
Quit being so damn polite, Ed.
Catherine and I are pretty comfy in there,
but maybe you folks wouldn't mind...

...the youngsters shacking up with you.
After that long drive...
...we could use
a little private time together.

Honey, why don't you get the kids' things.
Don't forget the rubber sheets and gerbils.

I'll show you the home.