Enemies: A Love Story

- You want to divorce me?
- No. No.

- Oh, what should I do,
move in with your new wife?
- Uh... no.

Look, I, uh...
I don't know. I...
Look, I-I have to run. I-I... I'm sorry.
I would like to stay.

But it's, uh... I have a pressing
business engagement down at...

I'm late. Uh... I'm-I'm-I'm
writing a book for-for a rabbi.

It's, uh... I-I think
you would be interested in it.

It's, uh, it's very
complicated, and it's, uh...

But I-I-I have to go now.
You'll have to excuse me.

I... I'm sure...
What I'll do, I will call you.

It's, uh... I will...
I will be in touch with you.

Why did he get
into the bathroom?

You were with a relative, huh?
- I didn't even know he was alive.
- What's his name?

Feivl. Feivl Lemberger.
- A Talmudic scholar in his sixties.
- You think I'm an idiot?

I know who it is.
It's that old girlfriend
of yours, Eva Kracover.

- She's been after you since Warsaw.
- Masha, Masha, Masha.

- Masha, great game.
- Thanks, Benny. Two teas, Bernie.

It is Eva. She missed you so badly,
she put a notice in the personals.

You were so afraid I'd see
the name and number, you tore it
out of my mother's paper.

- How do you know that?
- My mother called me,
that's how I know.

But I got another one.
I'm going to call right now
and find out the truth.

- You want to call?
You go ahead, call.
- Yes!

I will give you the nickel.
You call. I'm bored to death
with your ugly accusations.

- All the time, it's the same thing...
- Don't let her push you around.

- I'll call when I feel like it.
- If you have no faith in me...

- then the whole
relationship is senseless.
- It's senseless, all right.

That's right.
Go on, you tell him.

You have your shiksa
and you have me, but some
bitch from Europe shows up...

and you leave
to run off to meet her.

A whore like that
probably has syphilis too.