Erik the Viking

Thorbjorn Vifilsson's wife became
a Buddhist, not a Christian.

Same thing, isn't it?
No, it is not.

Well... we'll be off now...
You need to say a bit more
than that!

Oh... er... yes...
Don't be sad....
Maybe untold dangers do lie ahead
of us, and some of you

may well be looking at the one
you love for the last time...

But don't grieve!
Even tough the Hordes of Muspel
tear us limb from limb or

the Fire Giants burn each and
every one of us to a cinder...

Even if we're swallowed by
the Dragon of the North Sea

or fall off the Edge of the World.
Don't cry.

No! Don't cry....
It's all fantasy, there's no
no Edge of the World,

- no Dragon of the North Sea.
- That's what you say.

- What's the matter with them?
- Just say something cheerful.

- My son! I don't want you to go!
- I don't want to go, either...

Oh gods! Please, everybody!
Keep calm!

It's not certain all of us are
going to die...

and in any case we may not die
hideous deaths...

We'd best be going.
Right. Farewell for the last time
may the gods prevent...

No, don't say anything else!
Wait, Erik!
You can't go without me.
Who will sharpen your swords
and mend your shields?

Not him too!
What's the matter now?
If Keitel Blacksmith goes
with you...