Henry V

and fate of him.
[Door opens]
[Footsteps approaching]

Ambassadors from Harry, king of England,
do crave admittance to your majesty.

Go and bring them.
You see, this chase
is hotly followed, friends.

Good my sovereign,
take up the English short,

and let them know of what a
monarchy you are the head.

Self-love, my liege, is not so vile
a sin as self-neglecting.

[Door opens]
From our brother England?
From him, and thus
he greets your majesty.

He wills you, in the
name of God almighty,

that you divest yourself
and lay apart...

the borrowed glories
that by gift of heaven,

by law of nature
and of nations,

belongs to him
and to his heirs.

Namely, the crown.
Willing you overlook
this pedigree.

And when you find him
evenly derived...

from his most famed of famous
ancestors, Edward the III,

he bids you then resign your crown
and kingdom, indirectly held from him,