Pink Cadillac

Get him!
I'll kill you, you...
- My name is Tom Nowak.
- What?

I've been authorized to turn you over
to the local authorities...

where you will be extradited.
Yeah! It's a contact sport!
What the hell happened to you?
You were supposed to show up
and play Miss Reno Casino...

- and give him a kiss.
- I didn't want to kiss him.

We both know
what I was really supposed to do.

I was supposed to show you
once and for all if I'd run away.

- You showed me. You ran.
- I thought about it.

But when I saw you chasing him,
I came back.

We did Jack Bass!
- We're partners.
- Partners?

I don't even have a goddamn car anymore.
I don't have any partners.

Didn't anyone ever tell you,
you shouldn't mess with a man's vehicles?

Yeah, I think I heard that
someplace before.