Or cash guarantee.
Do you have money?

l surely do.
Fine. $30. Your name?
Kuo Cheng Wah, from Canton.
Am l to pay cash right now?
Of course. And the job is yours.
Say, do you want the job?
Yes, but l've got only $25.
Pay me the difference later.
Report to duty tomorrow
at this address.

Hurry. 250 vacancies
at Hansen Factory.

Seems you're in time.
Luck's with you.

Line up there.
$2 to register.

Why're you here?
This is not Hansen Textiles.

Each of us paid $2 yesterday.
Who took your $2?
Correct address.
But no such company.
lt's difficult to find ajob
in Hong Kong.

Go now.
You were conned.
lf you refuse, l'll get police.
Robbery! Robbery!
Now what?
An expensive $2 lesson.
We're lucky.
A fool paid $30 to be a cashier.
He's in for bad luck.
Pays to be cautious.
Hong Kong.
lt's all done.
Be careful.
That's for sure.

You don't look well.
Uncle, can't find
the stomach medicine.

How could you forget to carry it?
You are surely to die, fools!
Pretend to be Big Brother.
The fools forget to have it.
Let's postpone.

No, we mustn't be weak.
Boss, it's different.
lf he's reasonable,
we don't have to be harsh.

You are qualified
to head an orphanage.