A fool paid $30 to be a cashier.
He's in for bad luck.
Pays to be cautious.
Hong Kong.
lt's all done.
Be careful.
That's for sure.

You don't look well.
Uncle, can't find
the stomach medicine.

How could you forget to carry it?
You are surely to die, fools!
Pretend to be Big Brother.
The fools forget to have it.
Let's postpone.

No, we mustn't be weak.
Boss, it's different.
lf he's reasonable,
we don't have to be harsh.

You are qualified
to head an orphanage.

ln our business,
it's you die or l die.

That's why l like Fei. He's tough.
You're late.
No, you come too early!
What are you doing!
Come to the point.
What's the purpose of the meeting?
Good! To the point!
Pai, you remember
your old partner Yang.

Yes, but he's dead.
He owed me some money.
He promised to give me
half of the Ritz.

He might have. l didn't.
Hot tempers!
Are you here to talk?
l come to tell you,
never to bargain with me.