l think you are the only one
who is an innocent person.
l want to save you from
the den of evil.

l want you to do good turns.
Good turns?
Yes, from now on.
lf you inform me all
of their evil deeds.
l'll put them behind bars.
You and l then would be doing.
Hong Kong the greatest favor
in its history.

l must wipe them out.
l hope you'll not be one of them.
But l have been thinking of gradual...
Don't reply now. Think over.
and call me.
l don't give such a chance
to everyone.

Big Brother, tea for Mr. Ho.
No need. The inconvenience
is over.

What did he say to you?
Sorry, forgot the hat.
What did he say to you?
He told me to behave.
He said this.
He must think,
you are the only innocent person.
Did he ask you to do good turns?
He must have asked you to rat on us
and do Hong Kong a great service.
He must have said he did not
trust every one.

And you shouldn't miss the boat.
So you know what he told me!
Not only me. Everybody knows.
Even the door keeper.
Go home.
Sorry. Continue the music.
Let's give Luming a big hand.