Excuse us for any shortcoming.
Looks like a boss.
l won't disturb them.

But would like a word with you.
No problem.
Now what?
Stop searching!
Chief Detective Ho, please.
Sit down please.
l didn't come here to sit down.
l came because l saw something.
Saw something?
Yes, something which
doesn't belong here.

You're wrong.
Everything here is duly purchased.
l mean you.
Me? l don't belong here?
All the people downstairs live on,
theft, deceit and other foul means.
Don't argue with me.
l think you are the only one
who is an innocent person.
l want to save you from
the den of evil.

l want you to do good turns.
Good turns?
Yes, from now on.
lf you inform me all
of their evil deeds.
l'll put them behind bars.
You and l then would be doing.
Hong Kong the greatest favor
in its history.

l must wipe them out.
l hope you'll not be one of them.
But l have been thinking of gradual...
Don't reply now. Think over.
and call me.
l don't give such a chance
to everyone.

Big Brother, tea for Mr. Ho.