Right. Please meeting
Ku over there!

Anybody can meet the ship.
Must not let them meet Ku.
Lest they say
there's no Madam Kao.

What shall we do?
What's to be done?
Mustn't let them.
Tell him not to meet.
Hey you bumped me!
Remember, he's my
teacher's old friend.

And behave yourself.
l couldn't shoo him away.
Chief Detective Ho.

You fix him up.
Chief Detective.
l've something important.

Tell me.
Don't you want to know
what Tiger's up to?

What is he up to?
Not here. l'll tell you
in the station.

No, l come to meet ship.
My information will be
useless later.

Then tell me now.
l told you not here.
Keep your voice down.
All right now.
Have you got it fixed?
lt's done.
You two follow me.
Sexual attack!
Don't interfere.
Get the banner fixed.

Nobody's molesting you.
Quite a coincidence.
How's your kid?

Fine. What are you doing here?
Looking for fights.
Ma's money, is it sent?
Already done.
Poster? But she insisted
it hadn't arrived.

Go over there.
Go ahead and kill him.

That's ridiculous!
None of our business.
Hold the banner.