l'm engaged.
Chief Ho, your eye has healed?
Who're you?
The one who gave you
the black eye.

You're surrendering yourself?
No exactly, l come
for your other eye.

Go, l'll chase you
to the world's end.

Don't go. l'll get you.
What's the matter?
lt's over. Don't be afraid.
What's the matter?
l think the gangsters are fighting.
l'll take leave.
Come and have dinner
with me tonight.

We shall come, bye!
Bye Bye.
l stay for tea with you.
No business.

Sit down please.
Don't take them here for tea.
You better not go but watch here.
Sitting again?
Take them to the room.
l prefer to have
tea and dinner with you.
All right.
Mr. Kuo, the press.
How did they get in?
Bribed their way, l guess.
That's why l came to Hong Kong.
That's so!
A photo please.
Fine, fine.
Mr. Ku.
Cheng Wah, great that you're here.
Come, take a group picture.
Everybody joins.
Daddy, taking a photo?
Go there to take one.
Ready, Set.
Auntie, sit there.
Where do you two come from?
From Daily Sun.
When will it be published?
Tomorrow. Will deliver
when published.

Thank you.
Flower bought. Time to go.
Wish you luck.
Aren't you busy, Cheng Wah?

You believe in there?
lt's not a matter of belief,
Why didn't you introduce your friend?
Why does he hide behind you?
He's shy. Permit me to leave.
Cheng Wah. have a word with me.