Fine, fine.
Mr. Ku.
Cheng Wah, great that you're here.
Come, take a group picture.
Everybody joins.
Daddy, taking a photo?
Go there to take one.
Ready, Set.
Auntie, sit there.
Where do you two come from?
From Daily Sun.
When will it be published?
Tomorrow. Will deliver
when published.

Thank you.
Flower bought. Time to go.
Wish you luck.
Aren't you busy, Cheng Wah?

You believe in there?
lt's not a matter of belief,
Why didn't you introduce your friend?
Why does he hide behind you?
He's shy. Permit me to leave.
Cheng Wah. have a word with me.
About what?
Madam Kao has consented
to a Shanghai wedding.
ln Shanghai! Congratulations.
Madam Kao, Thank you
for the hospitality,

and consent to this marriage.
You're very kind.
My trip is too hasty
and l miss many people.

l suggest an engagement ceremony.
inviting all the notables,
your friends.
What do you think of it?
Cheng Wah, what do you think?
Me? l have no objection.
Then it's settled.
Good idea. Taking care
of everything.

Mr. Ku, please excuse me.
They say for the engagement
in Hong Kong.

all VlP's are to be invited.
All right, you fix it.
You heard it.
Chinese or Western style ceremony.

Each has its merit.
The West style's solemn;
the Chinese relaxed.

Do your Chinese friends
outnumber foreign friends?

As many Chinese friends
as foreign friends.

Let's combine the best of both.