they're preparing Madam Rose's ball.
An order is an order.
The missing are not in the Ritz.
Where are they?
Free my friend and l'll tell.
First let me make a call.
l can't promise you.
No call, my men
won't free them.

And things will get ugly.
All right, make the call.
Thank you.

Tell Uncle to release them.
Free the reporters.
Tell Mme Rose we can't come.
Tell the brothers to cancel.
What now?
One more time.
Make it better.

No need. Everything's cancelled.
Why should you kidnap them?
To keep the secret secret.
Secret about your crimes?
Speaking out of turn again!
Say, what secret?
A lady's secret.
What has she to do with you?
None, l only buy a rose
form her daily.

l know nobody'll believe me.
We believe you all right.
But we can't figure out
the kidnapping.

That's exactly why.
Oh you won't understand!
Let me say
her daughter has a rich boy friend.
They come from Shanghai to get married.
The mother is mortally terrified...
as she had pretended
to be rich too.

Actually, she's got a heart of gold.
The first day l came,
she told me to take care...

because it's easy
to get conned.

A Conman had taken
my last cent.

l depended on
her roses for luck.

You ladies readily understand...
how a mother loves
her daughter.

So l kidnapped.
But l didn't hurt them.

l did it out of goodwill...
because l wanted
to keep a secret.

You don't understand
my words?

Could you put it more clearly?
As is, we don't know
what you were saying.

All right, l'll speak slowly.
There once was a flower girl.