l know nobody'll believe me.
We believe you all right.
But we can't figure out
the kidnapping.

That's exactly why.
Oh you won't understand!
Let me say
her daughter has a rich boy friend.
They come from Shanghai to get married.
The mother is mortally terrified...
as she had pretended
to be rich too.

Actually, she's got a heart of gold.
The first day l came,
she told me to take care...

because it's easy
to get conned.

A Conman had taken
my last cent.

l depended on
her roses for luck.

You ladies readily understand...
how a mother loves
her daughter.

So l kidnapped.
But l didn't hurt them.

l did it out of goodwill...
because l wanted
to keep a secret.

You don't understand
my words?

Could you put it more clearly?
As is, we don't know
what you were saying.

All right, l'll speak slowly.
There once was a flower girl.
No, an old flower girl.
She's got a daughter and...
Dad, the guest...
Sorry, l'll see Mme Kao.
Why aren't the guests here yet?
A car broke down,
blocking the streets.

They're coming.
Sorry, we did our best.
l know what to do.
How'd you explain the mess?
You're talking?
What's all this about?