No, an old flower girl.
She's got a daughter and...
Dad, the guest...
Sorry, l'll see Mme Kao.
Why aren't the guests here yet?
A car broke down,
blocking the streets.

They're coming.
Sorry, we did our best.
l know what to do.
How'd you explain the mess?
You're talking?
What's all this about?
l think now...
You must have realized
something's wrong.

Mamie, just what happened?
Right, everything is negotiable.
l know you came to Hong Kong...
to look into Belle's
family background.

You have sound reasons to do so.
Guests or no guests,
what's the difference?

We can have a good
time ourselves.

Let's go out for some food.
Come on.
Let me finish.
Mr. Ku, l hope you
appreciate the fact...

that Belle is important to me.
Just to make it easy for her.
l have done things l'd never
dreamed of doing.

Mama, why don't you
put everything on table?
l now realize whatever you do.