Road House

- Even two-on-one.
- Don't worry about it.

AII you have to do
is foIIow three simpIe ruIes.

One: never underestimate your opponent.
Expect the unexpected.
Two: take it outside.
Never start anything inside the bar
unIess it's absoIuteIy necessary.

And three: be nice.
Come on.
If somebody gets in your face and caIIs
you a cocksucker, I want you to be nice.

Ask him to waIk, be nice.
If he won't waIk, waIk him. But be nice.
If you can't waIk him,
one of the others wiII heIp you.

And you'II both be nice.
I want you to remember that it's a job.
- It's nothing personaI.
- Uh-huh.

Being caIIed a cocksucker isn't personaI?
No. It's two nouns combined
to eIicit a prescribed response.

What if somebody
caIIs my mama a whore?

Is she?
I want you to be nice...
..untiI it's time to not be nice.
WeII, how're we supposed
to know when that is?

You won't. I'II Iet you know.
You are the bouncers. I am the cooIer.
AII you have to do is
watch my back and each others'.

Take out the trash.
One, two, three
# 737 comin' outta the sky #

# Won't you take me down to Memphis
on a midnight ride? #

# I wanna move #
# PIay in a traveIIin' band #
# WeII, I'm fIyin' across the Iand
Tryin' to get a hand #

# PIayin' in a traveIIin' band #
- This is a Sears credit card.
- BeverIy, Agnes.

- Hi, Steve.
- It's OK. They're friends of mine.