Roger & Me

I start with the orange and pink drape.
The reason is
because I want to put you into a family:

The warm family or the cool family.
People who are warm
have a yellow undertone to their skin.

The orange drape
brings the yellow undertone out...

and makes them look really good.
If you put orange
on someone who has a blue undertone...

which would be the pink, or cool, family...
then their face will get real pale...
or they'll look real tired...
or they'll get a lot of ruddiness
come out on their face.

So I like to put what I think
is the wrong color on you first...

then I can compare it to the right color.
That way it will really improve
how you look.

What usually happens
is what I'm seeing happen to her.

She gets jaundice
when you put orange on her.

She turns yellow, looks a little bit sickly.
You might not even see it that much now,
but let's compare it to the pink.

I get a small commission
on every account.

Join up and find out. It's good!
Three months after we attended
Janet's Amway meeting...

she phoned in a panic
and asked that we come back...

as she'd made a terrible mistake.
I've very recently learned
that I am not an autumn.

I was color-analyzed
by someone in the IMS line...

who are the people
who taught me to do colors.

I've discovered that I am another season.
It's a warm season, like autumn,
but it's spring instead.

The colors that I wear
are basically the same color family...

but they're lighter and brighter.
It's really a shock to me,
because I am out there...

color-analyzing women all the time.
Little did I know...

that I was not the season
that I was telling people I was.

I felt sorry for Janet.
So, to cheer her up, I let her do my colors.