Say Anything...

-. . .and then be in a good mood?
-Gee, it's easy.

I'm sorry Mom and Dad
made you take me in.

If it's a big deal, I'll go.
But you used to be fun.

You were warped, twisted
and hilarious.

I mean it as a compliment.
I mean, I'm sorry. . .
. . .that T-l-M left you.
But I am not T-l-M.
I was hilarious once, wasn't l?
I still am.
-You gotta teach me stick shift.

Come here a minute.
I want to show you something.

What are you doing?
Since I'm both your father
and your friend. . .

-. . .I had to get you two presents.
-God, this is ridiculous.

Here's the only thing
your mom gave me that I kept.

Now it's yours.
Go ahead. Open it now.
I don't need all these presents.
I don't know any kid who got a car.

Oh, God.
It's beautiful.
They really applauded
for you today, honey.

Looking at all the people,
I felt like they didn't know me.

Maybe I shouldn't have taken
all those courses off school. . .

. . .because everybody thinks l--
-Forget it.
-Wait a minute.

-Everybody thinks you're what?
-Everybody thinks I'm a priss.

Diane, in a million years,
you could never be a priss.