Sex, Lies, and Videotape

So Graham and I
were talking about apartments,

and I told him that they've got lovely
little apartments in the Garden District.

- And they got nice garage apartments...
- There's critical crime in that district.

- Oh, John, come on, that is not true.
- No. There are...

I don't know what kind of place you're
lookin' for. There's plenty of apartments...

- any one place.
- I'm sorry?

No, I just... Right now I have one key,
you know, everything I own is in the car.

I like that.
If I get an apartment, that's two keys.

If I get a job, you know, I might have
to open or close. That's more keys.

I buy some stuff, I'm afraid it's gonna
get ripped off, and I get more keys.

- I just like having the one key. It's clean.
- You don't have to worry about losin' 'em.

Get rid of the car when you get
the apartment. Still one key.

I like having the car. You know?
The car's important. You gotta be mobile.

In case you have
to leave someplace in a hurry?

Yeah, or go someplace in a hurry.
Ex cuse me.
- Do you want some help?
- No, no, really, I'm fine.

There's not that much to do.
Graham, do you pay taxes?
Yeah, I pay taxes.
Yeah, I pay taxes. What do you mean?

You don't pay taxes, you're a liar.
I'm not a liar.

Liars are the second-lowest form
of human being on the planet.

- What's the first?
- Lawyers.

Oh. That's you, honey.
Annie, why don't you go with Graham
to hunt for apartments?

Show him how the city's changed.
- Would you mind, Graham?
- No, I'd love that.