Sex, Lies, and Videotape

In case you have
to leave someplace in a hurry?

Yeah, or go someplace in a hurry.
Ex cuse me.
- Do you want some help?
- No, no, really, I'm fine.

There's not that much to do.
Graham, do you pay taxes?
Yeah, I pay taxes.
Yeah, I pay taxes. What do you mean?

You don't pay taxes, you're a liar.
I'm not a liar.

Liars are the second-lowest form
of human being on the planet.

- What's the first?
- Lawyers.

Oh. That's you, honey.
Annie, why don't you go with Graham
to hunt for apartments?

Show him how the city's changed.
- Would you mind, Graham?
- No, I'd love that.

- I'd like that, too. Let's do that.
- All right. How about tomorrow?

- That'd be great.
- Good.

One key, huh?
Great idea.

- Yeah.
- Cynthia, John.

Meet me at my house in exactly one hour.
You are scum.
I'll be there.
As you can see,
there's plenty of room for two.

No, it'll just be me.
- Are you a student?
- No.

You can hang
a shower curtain in the bath.

Make sure you put somethin'
in the tub so you won't fall.

You said about 350?
Yeah. And, uh, plus
the first and the last months' rent.