Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Oh, I'm just quoting.
So, are you gonna
tell me something personal?

- Do you want me to?
- Yeah. Yeah, I do.

I don't want it to be
something gross, about some scar.

I want it to be something
really personal, about yourself.

All right. OK.
- I'm impotent.
- You're what?

- lmpotent.
- You are?

Yeah. I mean, like, well, I can't...
I can't get an erection...
in the presence of another person.

So, for all practical purposes,
I'm impotent.

Does that bother you?
Does it make you feel self-conscious?
Not usually.
No. Uh...
Yeah, I'm self-conscious.
Not in the same way
that you are, though.

- Me? Me? You think I'm self-conscious?
- Well...

I been watching you. I watch you eat,
you know, I watch you speak,

watch you move, and I see somebody
who is extremely aware
of people looking at you.

- My therapist...
- You're in therapy?

Aren't you?
No. I... No, I'm not.
I was a miserable failure in therapy.
- So you don't believe in therapy?
- No, I believe in it for some people.