Sex, Lies, and Videotape

- How was your weekend?
- It was OK.

- Did you confront John about the visitor?
- The visitor?

The friend of John's
that was staying at your house.

- Graham.
- Graham.

Yeah. I mean... no.
That actually
turned out to be interesting.

You know, I was expecting him
to be just like John.

You know, cos they went
to school together and everything.

You know, talking about getting drunk
together and secret handshakes and...

He turned out to be
really this... character.

He's kind of arty.
But OK.
Is he still at your house?
No. No. No. He's gone.
So where's he from?
I don't know. He, uh, used to live
in New York and Philadelphia.

I think he just kinda travels around.
Must be nice.
So, what's he like? Is he like John?

No. I don't think John likes him any more.
Says he thinks he's gotten kinda strange.
Is he? Strange, I mean?
No. I mean, if I saw him
on the street I might think so,

but after talkin' to him,
I'd just say he's kinda unusual.

Mm-hm. So, what's he look like?
- I just wanna know, is all.
- Why, so you can go after him?

Jesus, Ann, get a life.
I just asked what he looked like.