Sex, Lies, and Videotape

He's kind of arty.
But OK.
Is he still at your house?
No. No. No. He's gone.
So where's he from?
I don't know. He, uh, used to live
in New York and Philadelphia.

I think he just kinda travels around.
Must be nice.
So, what's he like? Is he like John?

No. I don't think John likes him any more.
Says he thinks he's gotten kinda strange.
Is he? Strange, I mean?
No. I mean, if I saw him
on the street I might think so,

but after talkin' to him,
I'd just say he's kinda unusual.

Mm-hm. So, what's he look like?
- I just wanna know, is all.
- Why, so you can go after him?

Jesus, Ann, get a life.
I just asked what he looked like.

Besides, even if I decide
to fuck his brains out,

what business is that of yours?
- Why do you have to say that?
- Say what?

You know what.
You say it just to irritate me.

I say it because it's descriptive.
He doesn't strike me as a person
who would go in for that kinda thing.

- Ann, you always underestimate me.
- I wonder why.

I think you're afraid to put us in the same
room. You're afraid he'd be drawn to me.

Really, Cynthia,
I don't think he's your type.

My type?
How would you know what my type is?

Oh, I have a pretty good idea.
Ann, you don't have a clue.
Look, I don't even know
why we're discussin' this.

I mean, I'll just go over
and call him myself.

He doesn't have a phone.