Sex, Lies, and Videotape

to the people around you?
Well, you know,
I have really strong muscles.

It's open!
- Hi!
- Hello, Ann.

- I hope I'm not botherin' you.
- No, no.

- I would've phoned. You busy?
- No, no. I can finish later.

I just wanted to see what
the apartment looked like with furniture.

Yeah, well, I'm afraid
there's not much to see.

I'm sort of cultivating
this minimalist vibe.

- You could use a bookshelf.
- Yeah? Yeah, you think so?

They're... you know,
they're all library books.

- What are these?
- Uh, those are videotapes.

I can see that. Of what?
It's a personal project
I've been workin' on.

What kind of personal project?
- What?
- What kind of personal project?

Uh, a personal project
like anyone else's personal project.

Mine's just a little more...
personal, I guess.

Who's Donna?
- What?
- Donna. It says "Donna" here on the tape.

Donna was a girl I knew in Florida.
Oh, you went out with her?
No, not really.
Why do these tapes
all have women's names on 'em?

Well, I enjoy interviewing
women more than men.

- It's iced tea.
- Thanks.

- I'm sorry, do you want some lemon?
- No, this is perfect.