Sex, Lies, and Videotape

What kind of personal project?
- What?
- What kind of personal project?

Uh, a personal project
like anyone else's personal project.

Mine's just a little more...
personal, I guess.

Who's Donna?
- What?
- Donna. It says "Donna" here on the tape.

Donna was a girl I knew in Florida.
Oh, you went out with her?
No, not really.
Why do these tapes
all have women's names on 'em?

Well, I enjoy interviewing
women more than men.

- It's iced tea.
- Thanks.

- I'm sorry, do you want some lemon?
- No, this is perfect.

So, all of these are... are interviews, huh?
- Uh, yes.
- Can we watch one?

No, I'd... No.
Why not?
Well, I promised each of the subjects
that no one would
see the videotapes ex cept for me.

What are the interviews about?
The interviews are about sex.
What about sex?
Uh, everything about sex.
Like what?
What they've done, what they do,
what they want to do but are afraid to ask
for, what they wouldn't do even if asked.