Sex, Lies, and Videotape

So we went to the woods
behind my house.

And I got this feeling he was chickenin'
out cos he kept sayin' "Ladies first!"

So I pulled down
my little panties and urinated,

and he ran away before I even finished.
Was it a topic of conversation
between you after that?

No! He kind of avoided me
for the rest of the summer,

and then his family moved away.
To Cleveland, actually.
What a shame.
When did you finally see a penis?
When I was 14.
So, what'd you think?
Was it what you expected it to be?
No. Not really. I...
I didn't... I sorta pictured it, um...
I didn't think it would have
veins or ridges or anything.

I just thought it would be smooth,
like a test tube.

It's weird, thinking about it now.
The... organ itself seemed like
a separate thing, a separate entity to me.

I mean, when he finally pulled it out
and I could look at it and touch it,

I forgot that there was a guy attached to it.
I remember literally being startled
when the guy spoke to me.

- What did he say?
- He said my hand felt good.

Then what happened?