Sex, Lies, and Videotape

- It does not.
- Why would she want a sundress?

She's got spots on her shoulders
and varicose veins.

- Well, missy thing, so will you someday.
- When I do, I won't wear sundresses.


- God, Cynthia...
- Hold on.

- Bayou.
- Cynthia, John.

- Would you like to speak with your wife?
- What's she doin' there?

Showing me a present
she and I are buying your mother-in-law.

Oh. Great. So, when can I see you?
I don't know. I'm not sure I can
duplicate the intensity I had the other day.

Nothin' wrong with trying.
I don't think my sister would agree.
Do you want me to stop calling?
- Look, I'll call you. OK?
- Roger.

This is too much. I'm wearing red, you're
wearing red. That's quite a coincidence...

- Look, I'm married.
- Really?

Are you very married?
- Married enough.
- Oh. Oh.

- I see. Well, that shouldn't stop us...
- I'm just here to see my sister. OK?

Oh, really?
Who's your sister? Is she married?

So, um, what's my share of the dress?
- 32.50.
- It's a nice dress.

- Thanks. I thought so, too.
- Looks like a tablecloth.

Keep the change. And, Ann, don't worry
about the dress. I'm sure she'll like it.

Yeah. I think it'll...
Oh, you have to go? OK. Goodbye.

I'll see you later. I'll call you!