Another 48 Hrs.

l'll let you in on a secret.
There is no lceman.

Let's get back to the cold facts.
What the hell happened here?

l saw an exchange. l moved in.
He had a piece. He shot. l shot back.

- You got the bad guy's gun?
- lt's got to be in the ashes.

- Cruise, what have you got?
- Some burnt metal off the pump.

- No gun?
- No, no gun.

A cop is a guy, and a guy
sometimes steps on his dick.

Do you think maybe
you were pushing too hard?

Did you step on your dick?.
He had a piece.
He shot. l shot back.

Have the lab boys go over every inch
of this place. lf there's a gun, l want it.

- See you around, Jack.
- Yeah.

Reggie Hammond.
You must be
a real dangerous convict.