Another 48 Hrs.

- See you around, Jack.
- Yeah.

Reggie Hammond.
You must be
a real dangerous convict.

- You made me miss, cop.
- You're looking good, Reggie.

l ain't seen you in years.
We were friends.

- l'm sorry. l've been busy.
- Me, too.

What are you doing here?
You even got a new haircut.

Times change.
- You lost a couple of pounds.
- l quit drinking.

Have you come to tell me
my sentence got increased?

No, you're still getting out tomorrow,
and we've got a little job to do.

When l get out of here,
give me my money and walk away.

l played that cop shit once,
and it don't work.

lf you don't help me, l'm not ever
gonna give you your money back.

- You're fucking with me?
- No.

l gave you that money in good faith.
l trusted you.