Conte de printemps

Ten minutes ago.
I'm staying for dinner.
I couldn't get in touch with you.
You said you might have plans tonight.
Then come!
She can say what she wants.
I hope you're over that nonsense.
Besides, she's here with a friend
who's very nice. You don't know her.

Is it Eve?
Tell her to come.
Come, she invited you herself.
Do you want to talk to her?
She's in the kitchen.
It'll be a chance for you to make up.
She made the first move, you can't refuse.
You're not obliged to continue teaching?
Not after I've fulfilled
my five-year engagement.

Actually, I like it.
Wouldn't you rather...
:52:15 as I do? Have a more active life?
Organize conferences...
:52:21 for the press,
television, publishing?

That kind of thing isn't for me.
Maybe it's suited to your...
...personality, but definitely not to mine.
In that sector, we're always dependent...
...on someone or something,
even at the highest level, if we make it.

Whereas, in my class,
I am the absolute master.

When the students allow it!
But that's my job.
They listen to you? Bravo!
If they don't listen, it's my fault.
That's not the question.
I believe they listen to you, but how?
I know what I'm talking about.
I'm working on my master's in Philosophy.