Crazy People

My parents died when I was young.
They split my brother Adam and I up.
He was my best friend.

I got sad, so sad
I couldn't do anything, practically.

But now I'm safe here.
That's why I came here.
What about your brother?
Adam's in the army now.
He's promised to come and get me
when his tour of duty is up.

When he does, I'll leave.
Till then, I stick around.

Will you stay?
Me? Well, I...
I have a whole life to rebuild.

I can't forget about that.
Why not?
A mental institution?
It's the only way
this could have been handled.

They're here.
- Here we are.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Yeah, right.
Did somebody fart?
Or did this whole room
just drive past an oil refinery?

This is very OK. This is
the type of thing that goes on.

These people wouldn't kill a person?
Let's show them what we have.
Lights, please.