Fire Birds

I got it!
This flight is terminated.
I have the controls.

You're on

Let's go home.
I gotta take
my little girl fishing.

I had high hopes
for you, soldier.

It's like sex.
Hardly anybody gets it
perfect the first time.

The bag is

- You heard?
- The whole base heard.

I blew it.
Jake Preston,
super-pilot, blew it.

What happened?
I couldn't keep the data
in my right eye in focus.

My left eye took over
and screwed things up.

You ever shoot
a gun as a kid?

- Shoot me.
- Why?

What you're talking about
is not a flying problem.

It's eye dominance.
We all have one eye
that naturally takes over.

My dad always shot
the way you just did.

He was right-handed,
and left-eye dominant.

If I was left-eye
dominant --

You'd have a hard time accepting
data from your right eye.

You can learn.
Little can help you.

- Can we get this?
- Mom said no more candy.

Get that bread with
the swirls on it.

Dad, what
can I get?

- You can get spaghetti.
- The colored kind?

Yes, and a big thing
of barbecue sauce.

- I need to speak with you.
- Speak.

I need your help to
get through the bag.