Gremlins 2: The New Batch

They changed the specs
and the deadline...

See, this is your problem right here.
You only see your little part of it.

I need a complete situational,
long-term, overview perspective.

It's almost finished.
I just have a few adjustments...

The courtyard looks cold.
It'd be better with trees.

- Will they plant trees?
- No. But draw them.

- But the...
- Elms.

- But the shrubbery looks...
- This attitude doesn't work for me.

Good morning, Mr. Forster.
It looks like somebody hasn't read
his employee manual. Doesn't it, Mr...

- Peltzer.

- Unauthorized potted plant.
- I told him about it weeks ago.

- I talked to you!
- I know. I was gonna...

Possible aphid infestation.
- What's this?
- That's Kingston Falls. My hometown.

Do you know how much
the Clamp organization has spent...

:11:00 provide its employees
with art by recognized artists...

:11:04 this facility? Eye-pleasing,
color-coordinated, authorized.

- But it was just a little...
- A little touch. I know.

Maybe everybody here
wants to do a little touch.

Coffee mugs that say,
"World's Greatest Lover."

The ashtray that reads, "Rest Your
Butt Here." You'd like that, right?

Coming to work every day
in a $200,000,000...

...flea market.
Billy, this is just
what I don't need right now.

The department review's in three weeks.
It's a nuclear meltdown disaster.

- Marla, I am doing the best I can.
- Billy, do me a favor.

Do better!
We've got a low corrosivity reading.
Give me a wave form on 10th power.