Gremlins 2: The New Batch

:11:00 provide its employees
with art by recognized artists...

:11:04 this facility? Eye-pleasing,
color-coordinated, authorized.

- But it was just a little...
- A little touch. I know.

Maybe everybody here
wants to do a little touch.

Coffee mugs that say,
"World's Greatest Lover."

The ashtray that reads, "Rest Your
Butt Here." You'd like that, right?

Coming to work every day
in a $200,000,000...

...flea market.
Billy, this is just
what I don't need right now.

The department review's in three weeks.
It's a nuclear meltdown disaster.

- Marla, I am doing the best I can.
- Billy, do me a favor.

Do better!
We've got a low corrosivity reading.
Give me a wave form on 10th power.
Mr. Forster, I have
a potential violator, sir.

That's an unauthorized break period,
friend. You don't work here anymore.

Do we have a problem communicating?
You're gone. Terminated.

End of medical benefits, that's right.
Clean out the desk, one hour.

And thanks so much.
Very nice, Frances.
Alert personnel. We have a
career opportunity in level seven.

Clamp Centre is the most advanced
smart building in America...

...with the latest in security,
communications and climate control.

It's just one part of Mr. Clamp's
worldwide business network...