Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Let go of my tie!
- Bill!
- Mr. Clamp, sir, are you okay?

Yeah, I think so. I hate
using these machines myself.

- Sir, we have a problem...
- We have a situation... Oh, my God.

We have to evacuate the building
and close it down.

- That's ridiculous.
- Before sundown.

- What happens at sundown?
- They hate sunlight. It kills them.

When it gets dark,
they'll try to leave the building...

Calm down. He should be in custody.
He's dangerous.

This thing, that's dangerous.
This guy's from the art department.

Ask him how he knows
about these things.

How do you know about them?
- This animal was in the genetics lab...
- I said it could be a problem tenant.

We could have had three shrinks
and a plastic surgeon. Here.

Make a wish!
Ah, hair!
Going down!
Second floor, lingerie.