Gremlins 2: The New Batch

We could have had three shrinks
and a plastic surgeon. Here.

Make a wish!
Ah, hair!
Going down!
Second floor, lingerie.
The elevator doors have opened.
Please leave, and watch your step.

We'll get the next one.

- You don't think it had rabies?
- No.

- We must stop them from getting wet.
- No, we have to put a lid on it.

No cops, no media.
We'll handle this ourselves.

- You go down to systems control.
- But there might be physical danger.

You're supposed to handle bugs.
Well, I'd call these some goddamn
major bugs, wouldn't you? Huh?

Okay. But I don't think
I should try it without an expert.

Let's go, Peltzer.
Three, two, one. Cue Leonard.
Hi. I'm Leonard Maltin,
and this is The Movie Police.

First, our video watch.