Gremlins 2: The New Batch

The elevator doors have opened.
Please leave, and watch your step.

We'll get the next one.

- You don't think it had rabies?
- No.

- We must stop them from getting wet.
- No, we have to put a lid on it.

No cops, no media.
We'll handle this ourselves.

- You go down to systems control.
- But there might be physical danger.

You're supposed to handle bugs.
Well, I'd call these some goddamn
major bugs, wouldn't you? Huh?

Okay. But I don't think
I should try it without an expert.

Let's go, Peltzer.
Three, two, one. Cue Leonard.
Hi. I'm Leonard Maltin,
and this is The Movie Police.

First, our video watch.
Just rereleased on video is Gremlins,
though I can't imagine why.

I know some people found it fun, but
I'd rather have root canal work done.

What's fun about a movie full of ugly,
mean-spirited monsters...

...who attack innocent people?
Are we so desperate for entertainment
that this trash passes for fun?

Wait a minute!
Look at this. I've been working on
making tomatoes tougher for shipping.

- That's terrific!
- Topnotch! How do they taste?

That's the best part. We've already
had calls from two airline chefs.

Oh, my gosh!