Postcards from the Edge

-Do you know where you're going?
-This is it.

-Do we bring the bags?

Flight 92 to Miami, boarding gate 1 .
After you pass through the passport
control, it will be on your right.

Muchas gracias, por favor.
She speaks English.
l don't know why you speak
refried Spanish all the time.

lt's a courtesy, Janet.
We're in their country.

Mary Jennings?
Yeah, that's my name.
Don't wear it out.

-What's the problem?
-Come with me.

Excuse me, but we've got a flight
that's just about to leave.

You two will wait here.
Follow me, please.

Seriously, what is the problem?
l don't want to miss this flight.
l have a special rate.

-Excursion rates, they're called.
-This way, please.

What the heck is going on here, boys?
Wait a minute. ls this some kind
of Candid Camera thing?