Problem Child

Do you see him?
There's our boy!
Oh, honey!
You guys, I'm so excited!
Have a good day, honey.
Why don't you take a look at this adoption
literature? We can talk about it tonight.

Why don't you? I don't wear second-hand
clothes and I won't have a second-hand kid.

- Adoption is out!
- OK, all right.

Welcome to Big Ben's,
the sporting goods store that has everything.

Sporting goods
made by Americans for Americans.

My fellow Americans,
don't forget to vote for Big Ben for Mayorl

- Mister, do you work here?
- I sure do. How can I help you?

I'm looking for a canteen
with a compass on it.

I saw your commercial
and they said you have everything.

You bet we do. This is Big Ben's.
We got canteens 365 days a year.

- Which one of these can I fix you up with?
- This blue one.

- Hey, sport, where did you run off to?
- This man was helping me find my canteen.

I hope Hank wasn't bothering you. He's
excited about this camping trip we're going on.

- You two must have a lot of fun together.
- These little rascals make life worth living.

What the heck else are we here for, partner?
Let's go!
- Did you get what you wanted?
- Yeah.

- Thanks a lot, buddy.
- My pleasure.

- Little Benl
- What?