Quick Change

Oh, Jesus.
The lumberjack guy...
He was the first one out.

- In all that chaos, a few wandered away...
- It was utter chaos.

- But we got everybody's name and number.
- We got all that stuff.

Yeah, get me the news footage on those
three hostages who were released. Right.

I said, "It's all over, Chuckles."
And wrestled him. But he got a gal
in his sights, and I had to let up.

That's when he coldcocked me.
Son of a bitch.

Look at this video so we can
put out an APB on these robbers.

- Robbers, plural?
- They all coldcocked me.

Three of them there, shouting with glee.
- Taxi!
- Taxi!

- Please!
- $ 10,000 for a taxi!

And a blowjob!
- Can we just calm down.
- We'll never make the flight.

We'll have to sail a raft to Fiji
like Thor Heyerdahl.

I have made another reservation
on the 11:00 to Martinique.

- You never mentioned an 11:00 flight.
- I never thought we'd need it.

But I don't know anything
about Martinique.

What did you know about Fiji?
Nothing, really.
Did you book another flight after that?
Let's just try to make the 11:00, okay?
Why, do they know about us yet?
Well, by now, Rotzinger has probably
figured out it was the first three hostages.

Oh, Grimm.
Grimm, I cannot go to prison.
Don't worry about it. We were disguised.
- Taxi!
- You never mentioned Rotzinger.

You never mentioned Martinique.
What else haven't you mentioned?
- Everything you told me is a lie, isn't it?
- Are you all right?

Am I...? You think this is fun,
a night on the town.

No, I think it's a lot more exciting
than that.

You used to think so too.
We couldn't discuss this plan...

...unless there was a bedroom close by.
- Before I realized what you are.

What am I?
You're a worid-class bank robber,
drunk on your own power and expertise.