Twin Peaks

Come in.
T urn around.
Very nice.
Come over here.

- Something wrong?
- Uh-uh.

This is a good night
for you to break in.

The owner's coming by, he likes
to spend time with the new girls.

- Who's that?
- No names, child.

You don't offer, and you don't ask.
Yes, ma'am.
Pick a card.
- How long you been dealing Blackjack?
- Long enough to spot a card counter.

You let card counters
buy you a drink?

I don't see tips like that everyday.
- Leo ever mention me to you?
- I don't know, Mr. Who are you?

I can't believe
Leo never told you about me.

- Maybe he did, I don't know.
- Leo played you like a violin.

He had you taking all the risk and
never cut you a piece of the action.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Take that chip out of your pocket
and take a look. Go ahead.

That chip has a special significance.
A very special night
you spent up at your cabin.

Here's a clue.