Twin Peaks

Pick a card.
- How long you been dealing Blackjack?
- Long enough to spot a card counter.

You let card counters
buy you a drink?

I don't see tips like that everyday.
- Leo ever mention me to you?
- I don't know, Mr. Who are you?

I can't believe
Leo never told you about me.

- Maybe he did, I don't know.
- Leo played you like a violin.

He had you taking all the risk and
never cut you a piece of the action.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Take that chip out of your pocket
and take a look. Go ahead.

That chip has a special significance.
A very special night
you spent up at your cabin.

Here's a clue.
"Laura! Laura!"
Come on, take it easy.
Take it easy!

How do you think a low-rent hump
like Leo has been financing this?

I'm the bank.
- He never mentioned your name.
- Course not.

Leo buys with my cash,
and you mule it across the border.

- He tell you who's distributing Stateside?
- No.

- Some high school kid...
- That's right.

We're in sync now, Jacques,
can you feel it? Can you?

- Yeah, yeah, sure.
- Good.

'Cause I've got a job for you tonight.
No Leo. No middleman.
It's ten grand.
Half now, half on completion.

How's that sound?
Sounds good.
What are we doing?
Meet me at the plant
on Black Lake in two hours.

- Is that going to be a problem?
- No. No problem.