Twin Peaks

It's all here.
Very generous, Josie.
Sitting in that concrete box
all that time,

90 grand seemed like
all the money in creation.

It kept me going.
It's a funny thing.
Back in the world...I don't know...
:20:07 seems kind of light.
We had an agreement.
I've been going over this
in my mind and...

If you could follow my thinking...
We're all born into life,
we have a certain number of years
to breathe and have our being.

That's from a book on Oriental
philosophy I read in the joint.

Maybe somebody, somewhere,
knows how much time we have.

I don't. Do you?
So, when a man gives up a portion
of his life, 18 months for instance,

how does he place a value on that time?
18 months...90,000...
What's that? 5,000 a month?