Twin Peaks

It's a funny thing.
Back in the world...I don't know...
:20:07 seems kind of light.
We had an agreement.
I've been going over this
in my mind and...

If you could follow my thinking...
We're all born into life,
we have a certain number of years
to breathe and have our being.

That's from a book on Oriental
philosophy I read in the joint.

Maybe somebody, somewhere,
knows how much time we have.

I don't. Do you?
So, when a man gives up a portion
of his life, 18 months for instance,

how does he place a value on that time?
18 months...90,000...
What's that? 5,000 a month?
Not bad if you live another 50 years,
but what if you've only another 20?

Or ten?
Or some unforeseen event
kills you tomorrow?

Like the boating accident
that killed your late husband, Andrew.

Or say you just got out of prison,
where you went in
for vehicular manslaughter,

as part of an agreement to avoid
being implicated in a greater crime,

for which, in fact,
you were responsible.

But nowthere's this threat,
this possible threat,

that this fact could be discovered.
And in one stroke,
10, 15 or 20 more years of your life

could be cut right out
from underneath you.

So I've been asking myself,
what does that do to the market
value of 18 months?