Twin Peaks

Ben, is this a great moment?
- Ghostwood!
- Incredible!

Ghostwood, eh?
Einar, tonight
you play on the house.

This is...marvellous.
Enjoy, my friend, enjoy!
To Ghostwood.
To Ghostwood Estates
and Country Club!

Congratulations, Boss.
Blackie, old pal...
this calls for a celebration.
Let's have a the new girl.
Good luck, honey.
Close your eyes.
This is such stuff
as dreams are made of.

Diane, 4:37 am.
After a long investigative night,
returning to the Great Northern.

One suspect in custody. Leo Johnson,
who I believe killed Laura Palmer,

won't be able to escape
the dragnet much longer.

As you can hear
from the ambient sound around me,

and I notice, with some relief,
the Icelandic group on my floor

have either checked or passed out,
I may not need the earplugs
which I received today, Diane,

although I may put them to use
as a precautionary measure.

I ordered hot milk from room service.