Twin Peaks

Good luck, honey.
Close your eyes.
This is such stuff
as dreams are made of.

Diane, 4:37 am.
After a long investigative night,
returning to the Great Northern.

One suspect in custody. Leo Johnson,
who I believe killed Laura Palmer,

won't be able to escape
the dragnet much longer.

As you can hear
from the ambient sound around me,

and I notice, with some relief,
the Icelandic group on my floor

have either checked or passed out,
I may not need the earplugs
which I received today, Diane,

although I may put them to use
as a precautionary measure.

I ordered hot milk from room service.
Here's hoping that does the job, and
I can catch some quality sack time.

24-hour room service, the premier
achievement of modern civilisation.

"My Special Agent".
Cooper here.
Who is this?
Could this wait
till tomorrow morning?

Please excuse me,
I've got room service.

We found him...
We found Leo Johnson.
He's been shot. Agent Cooper?