Just some old stuff...
that Adcox gave me that
the department was gonna throw out.

But it's good enough
for this tub.

What is this?
''lron Butterfly,''

You gotta be kidding! This isn't
an actual operating 8-track!

What do you want, Brian?
What are you doin' here?
l wanna know why you messed
with my station assignment.

l mean, does this
really have to be...

one of those big brother,
little brother...

you broke my G.l. Joe and
l'm still pissed games?

Man, how do you do it, huh?
How d'you keep
coming up with...

new and amazing ways
to fuck up?

l mean, that Scotch bullshit?
Am l really supposed
to believe you came home...

because you felt heartstrings
moan for the family biz?

You were bankrupt!
The scary thing is...

you probably coulda
got away with it for awhile.

Hang back a little bit
at the fires--

You know the drill.
The only problem is,
that in this job...

there's just no place to hide.
lt's not like having
a bad day selling log cabins.

You have a bad day here,
somebody dies.

And that's just not
fucking good enough.

You know something?
l must've told myself
a million times...

l didn't even want
to be a damn fireman.

Look, l know l quit
the academy before.

- And l know how you must've felt.
- Oh, you do?

You know how l felt?
l gotta do this, Stephen.
l need to know.
Yeah, l think you're
going to find out, Brian.

Try not to be late
tomorrow, huh?

[ Engine Cranking ]