Cape Fear

Some folks don't have the right
to the best defense?

Of course they deserve the best defense!
But if you had seen what he did
to this girl...

-Buried the report.
-lf it was your own daughter.

-Yeah, I mean...
-Buried the report.

Jesus, Sam.
Oh, God.
But I don't see how he could know that.
He was illiterate.

I had to read everything to him:
the probable cause affidavit...

...the arrest reports, everything.
There's no way he could know that.
Hey, Dani...
:18:46's so quiet out here,
and the light's so perfect...

...why don't you get your book
and come out here and read?

I told you why.
Is it because he's like a flasher
or just a peeper?

What do you know about that? A flasher?
You don't think I've been flashed before?
I didn't mean to insult you.
I'm sure you've been flashed.

If you want to come out, come on out.
If you don't, go on.

Do whatever you want.
But don't go outside.
'Afternoon, Counselor.
What do you want, Mr. Cady?
They're great at that age, ain't they?
All those discoveries ahead of them.
You're lucky.

My own daughter,
she don't even know me.

After I went inside,
her mama told her I was dead...

...which, in a way, I was.
Mr. Cady, I realize that you suffered.
I understand your problem,
but, I mean, why me?

I was your lawyer. I defended you.